1. Smart People Do Smart Business!

“We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs
who value quality education and financial success!"

2. We Are Family!

“Our success depends on your success!”

Eye Level endeavors to bond with its franchisees with the belief that they are all part of one big family.
Eye Level has around 1,300 families around the globe.
Eye Level guides the way to success.

Eye Level Excellent Awards

Every year, excellent performing franchise owners are awarded with a free trip to Korea to share their
know-hows and network with other franchisees
around the globe.

Franchisee Meetings

Regular meetings are held by each regional office to
allow FC owners to feel a sense of belonging and
share new ideas.

Eye Level Knowledge Community

Every year, teams with innovative ideas present and
compete for a chance to win a ticket to Korea for the
final round.

3. Eye Level Global Vision

“Eye Level Welcomes You to Join Its Global Community and Network in 18 Nations over the World.”

Daekyo has launched into the overseas market to serve not simply the Korean immigrants but to reach a wider
audience. The local residents have been receiving Daekyo’s competitive high-quality education services
which is improving day by day as it grows in to a world-renowned educational company. Daekyo foresees
high growth potential in the overseas markets thanks to the continued consumer demand for education and
the availability of advanced education delivery systems.



Eye Level Method to meet the Eye Level of each child has been consistent throughout the years.


Million Enrollments Worldwide

Throughout the years, Eye Level has nurtured millions of students worldwide.



Eye Level Method is now available in 18 countries and regions around the world but the number continues to grow.



For the past 40 years since its establishment in 1976, Daekyo has gradually grown into the nation’s best educational and cultural service enterprise, emerging as a frontrunner in the field of education.

4. Eye Level Success Factors

Product | Trend Leading Products!

“Critical Difference is Critical Thinking!”
“What is Self Directed Learning?”

Training | Hamburger University for “McDonalds,” Eye Level University for Eye Level.

ELU is a learning platform developed for all Eye Level family members who wish to further learn about the product, share best practices, gain tips to teaching, and find various marketing tools.

IT System | Oracle-based Franchise and Student Learning Management System.

Key & Manager (K&M) is an optimized franchise management system where both students’ learning progress and business-related information are efficiently managed.

Periodicals| Know-how Sharing through e-magazines.

Key & Parent offers a variety of information ranging from education information and parenting to marketing and teaching tips.

5. Eye Level Marketing

“Eye Level offers various hand-in-hand support to grow your business.”


The Eye Level Math Olympiad is an annual math contest that began in 2004 for both Eye Level members and
non-members around
the world to participate.

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Eye Level MUN camp is a global event where students participate in unique experience and activities such as sports, music, city tour, and educational simulation of UN.

6. Eye Level Wants to Work With You!